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Just a short note to say thanks

Dear Don and Brian,                     Ely Spillway

Just a short note to say thanks for acid washing my pool and making it look like new again.  Your organization continues to offer the best service of any contractor who worked on our house!  All of your workers are polite and knowledgeable and your jobs are complete on time.

Thanks again.  — Bill and Kristen Ely

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above and beyond in customer satisfaction would be an under statement.

Don — To often feedback is only given when people are dissatisfied and not when there is outstanding service.  To say that you and your staff go above and beyond in customer satisfaction would be an under statement. 

Ken and I appreciate all the help and guidance you have given us.  Although I am sure there are times you must think we will never learn about this pool, you never have given us an indication that our questions and concerns are silly or just plain dumb.  We thank you for the great service.

— Debbie Jackson

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This letter is written to anyone considering building a pool.

To whom it may concern:

This letter is written to anyone considering building a pool.  It is our opinion that Eagle Pools represents the BEST in pool builders.  We contracted with Eagle Pools to install our pool after careful consideration of various contractors.  The primary reason we selected Eagle Pools was their reputation in the community and continued praise from those who had pools installed by Eagle.

They lived up to their reputation.  We have nothing but praise for their work and the fact that they are nice people made the process enjoyable.  The facets we encountered were:

  1. They worked with our ideas and offered suggestions to enhance the look and performance of our pool.
  2. Anything we asked their reply was “Sure, we can do that”.
  3. Work was done in a timely manner, they were there when they said they would be.
  4. They walked us through the process and made sure we were comfortable with each step.
  5. They provided reliable subcontractors names and contacts for our related projects.
  6. Their employees were respectful, professional and loyal.
  7. Don, Brian and Ken are awesome!

We would unequivocally recommend Eagle Pools to anyone considering a professional pool contractor.  We would be happy to speak with anyone or show our pool to prospective clients in the future.

Sincerly, Dan and Shelly Coates

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We cannot possibly say enough wonderful things about Eagle Pools

We recently completed an extensive remodel and addition to our home.  Our old large pool was removed and replaced with a beautiful modern pool of our design.  Eagle Pools was there every step of the way to guide us through the entire process.  They made every aspect of this project easy and painless.

The initial step is meeting with Eagle Pools to formulate a design and budget.  They explain all the options available to you and the pricing.  They never try to push a feature on you that you do not want.  In fact, in our case, they discouraged us from a component of our project because they felt we would be unhappy with the result.  They were correct.  their honesty and professionalism are something a homeowner always hopes for but seldom finds.

Once you have approved the design and budget, Eagle Pools handles everything else.  Zoning, permits, obtaining the tile and interior pool colors, building, decking, electrical, plumbing, fencing, clean up, and initial pool maintenance and care are all included.

Their Project Manager does not just “stop by” to check the work, but is always on site when work is being done.  Telephone and email questions are always answered quickly and politely.  The workers show up when they say they will, and always keep the job site tidy.  Even after the job is complete, Eagle Pools is still there to answer my questions.  Their customer service is outstanding and ongoing.

Our new pool is beautiful and easy to maintain.  We received the product we wanted at the price we agreed upon.  We are very pleased.

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Eagle Pools.  They provide a high quality custom product, have excellent customer service, are always professional, and are competitively priced.  We have recommended them to friends, and will continue to do so in the future.

— Dr. and Mrs. Russell H. Sachs

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I wanted to thank you and your guys for the great job

Hi Don,

I wanted to thank you and your guys for the great job they did on repairing my brick work even though it was well out of warranty.  Every employee of yours that I’ve come in contact with has been a pleasure and joy to work with, just like the boss I guess.  It says something about a company that stands behind their work when they don’t have to.  Thanks again for the good job.

— Steve

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Thanks for the great job

Don and Brian,

Thanks for the great job as well as the extra effort you have put into cleaning the pool.  Your employees were wonderful and appeared to be happy with their job, which reflects back to the owners.  Mike, I’m sure you know, is your best employee.  He is dedicated and hard working.

Thanks again,  David and Julie Ann

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We are extremely happy with our pool

Prior to deciding to go with Eagle Pools we completed countless hours of major research and homework only to discover that we made the BEST decision.  We are extremely happy with our pool and each time we may have a concern, which is rare, the staff is helpful and patient. 

With this being our first pool I was concerned that  the maintenance part of it would be time consuming and difficult.  Quite the contrary, maintaining our pool in an “enjoyable ready state” has not been a problem at all.  If you are looking for quality and want to add additional value to your home I would strongly recommend Eagle Pools.

— Clarence and Doris

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We are most pleased with our dealings with Eagle Pools

 From the very first interview to our first swim, it was an excellent experience.  They kept to their  promised schedule.  Their personnel has been eager to assist in every way. 

We told them what we wanted, and they drew a plan that exceeded all our expectations.  The project was done with care, style, and respect for the property.  Their follow-up visits were frequent and helpful.  I am happy to say they take a personal interest in thier customers.  I would highly recommend Eagle Pools to anyone who is thinking of having a pool installed in their yard.  They’re the best.

— Robert M. Mitchell

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Let me tell you about Eagle Pools!

My husband and I bought a new home in July 2007 with the intention of putting in a pool.  We researched local companies, asked pool-owner friends who they recommended, scoured the internet, and finally, we had three companies we wanted to interview to potentially put in our pool. 

Two of the companies were well-known in town that I had seen in commercials and advertisements.  And then there was Eagle Pools, a company some friends of ours used to put in their pool.  I had never heard of Eagle Pools but was willing to meet with them because they came highly recommended.  And I have always believed in word-of-mouth over anything!

So we met with Don and Brian Curts, the father and son team of Eagle Pools.  They thoroughly explained the ins and outs of putting in a pool, how long it would take, the cost, etc.  They left us feeling very educated on the whole process and very excited to get that process started.  They were very professional and very patient with us as we pumped them for more information with our never-ending questions.  We really liked the fact that we met with the actual owners of the company instead of a salesperson, as was the case with the other two companies we met with.

After we had met with all three companies, there was no question or doubt in our minds that we were going to hire Eagle Pools.  In fact, we both had pretty much made up our minds after meeting with Don and Brian.  So exactly six weeks to the day, our pool was complete and filling with water.  Throughout the entire construction process, the different crews of workers from plumbing to marcite to tile to pavers were always on time, professional, and hard-working.  We also received at least one or two phone calls per week from either Don or Brian explaining what was going on and what to expect from the construction.  We were kept informed throughout each step of the process, and they always welcomed our questions and/or concerns. 

To this day, nearly a year after the completion of my pool, I am still completely satisfied.  In fact, I still call Brian from time to time with questions regarding the upkeep, and he is always willing to help out.  We recently recommended Eagle Pools to some friends of ours looking to put in a pool and those friends ended up hiring them, too!  So if you are in the market for a pool, Eagle Pools is the way to go.  You will not be disappointed!

—Sincerely, Jessica Glenn

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A letter from a Satisfied Eagle Pool Customer

Adding an in-ground pool after market is a huge disruption in your life – the selection of a qualified pool contractor can make or break not only the end result, but your family’s sanity along the way!

We selected Don & Brian Curts to build our pool and have been truly pleased with all aspects of the experience during the design, construction, and “pool owner’s school” their expertise provided.

Our situation was unique in that we wanted to play a role in our pool design, which they willingly welcomed.  We also placed a time frame restriction as our youngest daughter was to be married within a few months of our contract being signed!  Considering all the details of permitting, aprroval, construction, selection of tile and finish, stone and pavers, our job also involved other contractors with takedown of irrigation, landscape, existing lanai screening and paver removal.  To say that the sequence of events had to be fine tuned and delicately orchestrated would be an understatement!  Don and Brian both made it a smooth transition.

The Eagle team always kept us in the loop as to what to expect, even when there were issues that were unexpected.  Each of the subcontractors involvled during all phases were specialists in their own right and were professional, courteous and knowledgeable.  Along the way, even after our pool was completed, we learned even more about the integrity of Eagle Pools Customer Care Ethic, as they answered all of our new pool owner issues promptly.

The week before our daughter’s wedding, our pool was completed, trees and landscape were totally replaced, and our guests were amazed at the transformation of our outdoor living space!  As the pictures depict, we have a pool unlike any other.  Owning an Eagle Pool has not only enhanced our lifestyle and our property value, but has been a most enjoyable experience. 

—Linda and Bruce Smith

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