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Let me tell you about Eagle Pools!

My husband and I bought a new home in July 2007 with the intention of putting in a pool.  We researched local companies, asked pool-owner friends who they recommended, scoured the internet, and finally, we had three companies we wanted to interview to potentially put in our pool. 

Two of the companies were well-known in town that I had seen in commercials and advertisements.  And then there was Eagle Pools, a company some friends of ours used to put in their pool.  I had never heard of Eagle Pools but was willing to meet with them because they came highly recommended.  And I have always believed in word-of-mouth over anything!

So we met with Don and Brian Curts, the father and son team of Eagle Pools.  They thoroughly explained the ins and outs of putting in a pool, how long it would take, the cost, etc.  They left us feeling very educated on the whole process and very excited to get that process started.  They were very professional and very patient with us as we pumped them for more information with our never-ending questions.  We really liked the fact that we met with the actual owners of the company instead of a salesperson, as was the case with the other two companies we met with.

After we had met with all three companies, there was no question or doubt in our minds that we were going to hire Eagle Pools.  In fact, we both had pretty much made up our minds after meeting with Don and Brian.  So exactly six weeks to the day, our pool was complete and filling with water.  Throughout the entire construction process, the different crews of workers from plumbing to marcite to tile to pavers were always on time, professional, and hard-working.  We also received at least one or two phone calls per week from either Don or Brian explaining what was going on and what to expect from the construction.  We were kept informed throughout each step of the process, and they always welcomed our questions and/or concerns. 

To this day, nearly a year after the completion of my pool, I am still completely satisfied.  In fact, I still call Brian from time to time with questions regarding the upkeep, and he is always willing to help out.  We recently recommended Eagle Pools to some friends of ours looking to put in a pool and those friends ended up hiring them, too!  So if you are in the market for a pool, Eagle Pools is the way to go.  You will not be disappointed!

—Sincerely, Jessica Glenn

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