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“there” when we had questions

Dear Amy,

It has now been 8 months with the pool and we couldn’t be more pleased.  You, Brian, and Don have been “there” when we had questions.  Calls have been returned promptly, as have appointments that were made during the familiarization process.

The initial visit to discuss what we wanted worked smoothly and with an open ear from Don and Brian.  We were not led to believe it had to be done one way and one way only.  The emailed reply with drawings and specs, the next day, were just too much!

Construction projects are a mess as we all know.  A pool is probably more so just because of the amount of dirt involved.  What was nice is, that at the end of the day when we came out to look at the progress, there was no mess.  The work crews’ attention to cleaning up every day, was just icing on the cake!  No burger wrappers, no plastic soft drink containers; even the butts had been picked up.  Your man Kenny runs an exceptional crew of guys, who, at the end of the day, take pride in quality work.

The finished product is what we wanted.  It blends with the colors of our backyard “forest”.  The tile work was perfect; the machinery is top-of-the-line and quiet!

Seriously, we would be more than happy to have anyone come by our home, anytime, to see what quality workmanship can produce.

Best Regards, Derick Brundick

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